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Lets talk about luggage locks

When you are hoping to maximize your travel security, one of the most obvious places to start is with buying a lock. But how secure are luggage locks? The disturbing truth is that luggage locks are terribly insecure.

What does the insecurity of these locks mean for your luggage security? How does that affect the protection of your property? In order to investigate these issues, we will have to venture deep into the terrifying truth about luggage locks.

What security do TSA locks offer your luggage?
TSA locks are not secure. The shackles can be cut by most low-quality diagonal cutting pliers, the lock cylinders can be picked open with very little skill, and the schematics for the master keys have been revealed to the public. If you are using a TSA lock, you are getting the illusion of security.

The biggest benefit to using TSA locks is that the TSA can open your bag without having to lock change. This still might not keep your lock from being cut off, as many travelers report having TSA cut locks off regardless of having been TSA approved. But at least there is a chance that your insecure lock will not be broken open.

A TSA approved padlock is the next step up from a zip tie. It provides the same amount of initial security if you are worried about criminal tampering. However, a TSA lock can potentially be taken off and relocked on the bag, where a zip tie cannot be reattached once removed. With a TSA approved lock, after a lawful search, there is a chance that your luggage can maintain its same level of “security”.

1. The TSA Can Remove Any Luggage Lock Without Cause
If you are checking luggage, the TSA reserves the right to open your baggage by the means required to properly carry out the search. In case you have not received a “Notice Of Baggage Inspection” letter in your checked luggage, it reads as follows:

To Protect you and your fellow passengers, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is required by law to inspect all checked baggage. As part of this process, some bags are opened and physically inspected. Your bag was among those selected for physical inspection.

During the inspection, your bag and its contents may have been searched for prohibited items. At the completion of the inspection, the contents were returned to your bag.

If the TSA security officer was unable to open our bag for inspection because it was locked, the officer may have been forced to break the locks on your bag. TSA sincerely regrets having to do this, however TSA is not liable for the damage to your locks resulting from this necessary security precaution.

The note goes on to suggest that the recipient of the inspection notice refer to to find “packing tips and suggestions on how to secure your baggage during your next trip…” Is it ironic for a note telling you what you just read to recommend that you use better security next time you fly? It may seem that way, but the spirit in which it is intended is that locks are not security, knowing what is going to get your bag flagged is the security you need for avoiding TSA attention.

2. Every Luggage Lock Can Be Opened
It is true that every lock can be picked, even locks that have not been picked yet can still be opened. Opening methods that travel security professionals use are almost always destructive. There is no lock that exists that can withstand every type destructive entry method given an unlimited amount of time with the lock.

Not even the best padlocks in existence can hold up to the highest level of pressure that can be applied to them. Do not expect that your security can keep out any law enforcement. Even though you may be hoping to avoid criminally minded baggage checkers, they are within their right to open your luggage at all costs.

Though there are documented cases where strong enough security has been enough to have TSA give up on trying to open it. I don’t fully understand the implications of security that has law enforcement give up, but I would not expect to be the exception to the rule that if the opening of your bag a legally sanctioned it will be carried out.

In terms of criminal threats without the full force of the law behind them, your locks can still be opened. However, when it comes to standard criminals you have to consider every aspect of luggage security and not just the security of your luggage locks.

3. No Luggage Lock Can Protect a Zipper
Any luggage lock that is placed to secure a zipper is completely useless. Anyone with a ballpoint pen can puncture the zipper track (aka teeth). This gives anyone access to the contents of your bag in seconds. Once a person has rooted around in your belongings, they can then move the zipper’s pull tab over the open teeth and reseal the bag without any sign of entry.

If you have an anti-puncture zipper, then your zipper is safe, but a lock can never protect the zipper. When you want a lock to matter at all, you have to use luggage that has hasps, not a zipper. Hasps are common on hard shell cases, which are intended to protect the contents of the luggage.

It is also unlikely that you will end up with a bag that has an anti-puncture zipper if you do not go out of your way to purchase one. This feature is not common, in spite of the fact that the method of entry is extremely popular for criminals all over the world.

4. Your Bag Undermines the Security of a Luggage Lock
Security is not the main concern for standard baggage manufactures. Unless the luggage has been designed with security in mind, the lock you place on it is not going to matter much at all. Besides zipper protection, you have to be concerned about more brash criminals that will not care about surreptitiously or even covertly open your bag.

A very common method of entry that criminals will use is to cut your bag. You made need something like a Pelican case. With a light slice from a sharp knife, a thief now has access to everything in your luggage. Unless your bag can resist cutting, having a lock on your bag is not going to truly protect the property inside.

Most likely your bag is always going to be easier to break than an incredibly strong lock. It does not make sense to have an extremely powerful lock if the case it is securing is itself insecure. Be aware of the level of protection provided by the bag before you make any investment in a lock.

5. Built-in Luggage Locks Are Not Secure
Built In Luggage Lock

This is a guiding principle more than a hard and fast rule, but it is important to think about the fact that almost any piece of luggage you buy is not going to have high-security locks. This might be something that the case claims, but you need to know better than to believe the advertising.

Even if the brand of security being used is not notorious for manufacturing subpar locks, it might still be something cheap and ineffective. A lot of times locks on cases and luggage will claim to be high-security, but they are just using a novel lock type. Such lock types that are used as built-in luggage locks include tubular locks, cruciform locks, and disk detainer locks.

If a lock is poorly made, it does not matter what kind of internal components it has. Poorly made locks are not secure. They break easier because of the lower quality metal, and that means they can be broken open easier. Mass production required to place them on luggage also lost mailbox key very simple to the point where most of these locks can be opened with bypasses or improvised keys.

What is the best way to protect luggage?
As you may have learned from the article about protecting your beach bag, the best possible way to protect any luggage is to keep your eyes on it. This is not going to be possible at every point of your trip, especially if you have to check your bags. The important thing is to take advantage of the instances where you can watch over your property.

Your locks need to take as long to open without permission as the average time you will leave them unmonitored. As has already been established, flying in the United States will be the exception to this rule. Law enforcement will have too much time with your luggage, and they will have the authority to open the lock. But for deterring criminals, this type of security assessment is a must.

Final Thoughts
It doesn’t matter if you are in one of the most dangerous countries in the world, or you are sleeping over at a friends house in the next town over, when you have luggage, you will attract the attention of criminals. Luggage locks are not going to do much to protect your bag. You need to consider a lot more than just luggage locks.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Gear Review: SunJack Portable Solar Charger

Today I am posting a brief review plus, as always, am giving you an opportunity to win the SunJack Portable Solar Charger and a the companion Camplight LED Bulb for free. More about the giveaway in a moment because first I want to tell you about the SunJack itself and how it works.

With our reliance on portable electronics, a huge concern is what will we do when the power is out and our batteries are dead?

This is true not only for our phones which provide a vital link to the outside world, but for our tablets, and electronic readers, too. Think about it. We all have hundreds if not thousands of documents that will help us muddle through if the grid goes down. Barring printing them out and setting up a massive library system, we will be stuck unless we have some way to power up our gizmos.

The SUNJACK 20W PORTABLE SOLAR CHARGER consists of a fold-up set of solar charging panels nicely packaged in a compact case that has a zippered mesh pocket for holding the included battery, charging cable, and two USB ports. Closed up, it measures about 9” by 6.5” which is smaller than my iPad. It comes with an external battery pack that once charged, can be carried in a pocket or backpack to provide portable power on the go. Or, if you like, you can connect your devices directly to the panels themselves.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Troy-Bilt Gas Trimmer TB32 EC Review

PROS / This weed whacker lets you add attachments for other landscaping activities, besides simply eliminating weeds.

CONS / This device tends to vibrate quite a bit during operation.

VERDICT / This does not come with a shoulder strap or anti-vibration construction, but this gas trimmer helps you whisk away annoying grass, weeds and other unwanted vegetation.

If you have plenty of lawn care chores to do, the Troy-Bilt Weed Eater TB575 Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer can be a big help clearing away annoying weeds and grass. In addition, if you add optional attachments, you can transform this into a versatile lawn care tool that lets you trim hedges, sweep away debris and even cultivate the soil in your garden.

This weed eater has easy-to-find controls and an adjustable handle. Perhaps one of its most noteworthy features is its useful and large 17-inch cutting radius, which means you do not need to keep going back and forth over the same area to mow down weeds and tall grass. A wide cutting radius is a real timesaver.

You get a debris shield with this string trimmer that prevents any bits of vegetation from flying around and ending up on your face and clothes. You can easily extend the trimmer line simply by bumping the head on the ground to produce additional string.

Although it certainly presents advantages, there are a few items lacking in this gas weed trimmer. At 12.4 pounds, this is the second-heaviest strimmer we tested. It also takes some time to assemble once out of the box.

In addition, it is not outfitted with anti-vibration features to protect your hands, wrists and arms. When we tested it, the Troy-Bilt got the second-lowest Vibration Score. Exposure to heavy vibrations can cause fatigue and muscle strain in the short term and permanent damage if your hands experience this extensively over a long period of time.

When it comes to warranties, the Troy-Bilt TB32 EC Straight Shaft Gas String Trimmer is protected by the industry standard, which is two years for parts and labor and two years for the drive shaft.

If you need assistance, you can first check the online manual. If that does not work, you can call the manufacturer or take the weed eater to a service center. Unfortunately, this is one of two weed whackers in our product lineup that does not offer email support.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sidewalk Repair Preparation


The simplest way to design a new sidewalk repair contractors in Bronx New York would be to use your garden hose. Simply lay out the hose on the sidewalk repair contractor Bronx in which you want the walk to proceed. Types don't need to be made from wood. Things like wood, brick edging, pre-formed vinyl sheeting are all used and create a variety of edge finishes. If you utilize these kinds of things, just take additional care to not splash concrete onto them. Concrete stains or discolors quite readily and doesn't wash off nicely. If everything dries, the concrete you believe you washed off leaves a permanent stain. Another very beneficial item available now for homeowner use is upside down comforter at most hardware or box stores and comes in a number of colors. That makes it rather simple to spray a design line for either digging or removing sod or dirt. Don't spray on your hose if you don't want it to be that color for a lengthy time. A couple of carefully placed stains that you join after eliminating the nozzle is fine.
sidewalk repair bronx ny

Be certain that you indicate the lines a couple of inches wider than the final walk with. You will need to receive your two x4's and beats within the excavation and in the majority of cases flush with the surrounding earth. If you will expose the advantages of this new walk over the sidewalk repair Bronx NY, you'll also need to complete the advantages when you pour.


Never, never put concrete on frozen earth or sand. You require a firm base for your new walk. You have to get rid of the concrete depth of dot sidewalk violation bronx in addition to the stone you'll be placed under. A 4" walk typically gets 4" of rock Foundation or great clean run-off bank gravel and sand. After eliminating the 8" of Bronx sidewalk repair, put your sub-base substance and tamp into position. Ensure it is slightly wider than you walk thickness. Your forms will probably sit on top of this foundation. NOTE: Now's your opportunity to conduct any lawn lighting wires or conduits beneath the walk until you pour. Even if the light is in the long run, you'll be pleased that you make preparations now. Put a piece of 1" PVC sidewalk repair Bronx with caps beneath the walk for potential usage.

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German Architect Andre Broessel believes he has a solution that can “squeeze more juice out of the sun”, even during the night hours and in low-light regions. His company Rawlemon has created a spherical SUNJACK 20W PORTABLE SOLAR CHARGER  generator prototype called the beta.ray. His technology will combine spherical geometry principles with a dual axis tracking system, allowing twice the yield of a conventional solar panel in a much smaller surface area. The futuristic design is fully rotational and is suitable for inclined surfaces, walls of buildings, and anywhere with access to the sky. It can even be used as an electric car charging station. Scroll down for photos and videos…

“The beta.ray comes with a hybrid collector to convert daily electricity and thermal energy at the same time. While reducing the silicon cell area to 25% with the equivalent power output by using our ultra transmission Ball Lens point focusing concentrator, it operates at efficiency levels of nearly 57% in hybrid mode. At nighttime the Ball Lens can transform into a high-power lamp to illuminate your location, simply by using a few LED’s. The station is designed for off grid conditions as well as to supplement buildings’ consumption of electricity and thermal circuits like hot water.”

How it works:


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Cape San Blas Florida: Dreamy Beaches

It’s named the Forgotten Coast since it was once quite totally off the California guide. Cape San Blas, Florida is the element of this sleepy section of the panhandle that has unusual seaside houses covering a sun-drenched coast. Those properties, alongside low-rise apartments, like the Driftwood Hotel in nearby Mexico Beach, are the element of what get this to a uncrowded seaside community the right low-key family vacation location.

Cape San Blas Florida: A Holiday Guide to Florida’s Forgotten Coast

Where is Cape San Blas? Well, Florida’s neglected shoreline stretches from Mexico Beach to St. Marks and contains the cities of Cape San Blas (commonly misspelled Cape Sandblast, Florida), Port St. Joe, Indian Pass, Apalachicola, Alligator Level, St. George Island, and Layer Level among others.

I’ve visited this area of California twice, once in summer at the tail end of scallop year, on the other hand for that Fresh Year’s Event party where you could enjoy twice – once in Eastern time, then take a wagon and do it yet again in Key time.

Regardless of when we’ve visited, the peaceful rate (which could have a little getting used to), and excellent weather to the Neglected coast created for fantastic memories.
cape san blas florida

Cape San Blas beach, located in Beach Region, Florida is among the most popular spots on the Forgotten Coast. This 17-mile-long peninsula curves around St. Joseph Bay, meaning most of the coastal leases are merely steps away from the Gulf or even the seaside, it doesn't matter what the handle. Cape San Blas weather is moderate all year, with normal levels inside the 40’s during winter and common peaks within the 80’s during summer. July, August and June see the many regular rainfalls just over 7”.

Below is just a manual to help you prepare your own personal day at Cape San Blas, or some of the different neighborhoods along the Forgotten Coast. Make sure to take a look at our article about the individuals of Gulf County Florida. They’ll welcome you with open hands, and ensure you have a wonderful family vacation.

A pair other tidbits that make this part of the Florida coast special, fires are authorized on the seaside, and it’s extremely pet friendly. It’s not just the beach, many of the coastal leases welcome pets too.

Cape San Blas rentals pet friendly

While you'll find no resorts on Cape San Blas FL, the Cape San Blas Inn is just a T&B that's popular with lovers and people and based as you come onto the peninsula.

This is a Cape San Blas vocation home rentals that will help you get your bearings. For households, it’s easy to find vacation rentals. Florida ‘s Forgotten Coast has many beach realty organizations; listed here are a few to obtain you began.

H: Cape Escape Accommodations has rentals within the Barrier Dunes area. Barrier Dunes is found right outside the gates towards the State Park and walking distance to Coneheads (keep reading for more on Coneheads). The city has two pools, tennis courts and more, plus accommodations feature a number of amenities down seriously to beach chairs! Furthermore, Cape Escape was voted Best of the Neglected Coast for lodging from the Port St. Joe Legend.

Hotels in Cape San Blas FL: All of The Beach realty firms have houses in Cape San Blas, Florida. Since Cape San Blas is so slender, it virtually doesn’t issue if you should be around the ocean or perhaps the Bay, as it’s just a couple hundred meters to 1 or the different. Listed here are the most used rental businesses with Cape San Blas, Florida vacation rentals.

Pristine Properties: Excellent Properties has 250 houses and townhomes across the white-sand beaches of the Gulf Coast. They provide Cape San Blas Florida rentals, together with rentals in Indian Cross, Mexico Beach, and St. Joe Beach.

I slept in a Pristine Properties residence within a familiarization day at dog friendly beaches Florida panhandle. It had been a newer three-history home to the bay, inside a block of the beach. With your rental, we acquired a Family Fun Cross, which provides renters their option of a variety of free actions like tennis, riding, or deep-sea fishing.

In case you have a big audience, you might want to check out Beautiful Properties A Turtle View rental. This is one of their many luxurious homes right on the beach.

Sun Leases and Sun Holidays: Sunset Vacation Rentals has about 70 houses in Indian Pass and Cape San Blas, Florida. I like that one may search by private swimming. It’s nice to really have a share as well as the seaside, particularly when you have kids.

Pet Friendly beaches FL.
Hiring a ship to move snorkel or scalloping is crucial.
VRBO Limit San Blas: Homeaway, previously referred to as VBRO Hat San Blas has over 400 items, some under $200 a night! The majority are pet friendly. You may also seek VRBO Florida Panhandle for homes near Cape San Blas.

Paradise Beach Properties and Haven Accommodations: Haven can be a smaller coastal rental firm with around 40 homes and townhome/property rentals in both Cape San Blas and Indian Pass.

Gulf Coast Accommodations: Gulf Coast Accommodations has a clean site with good pictures of their California beach rentals. Gulf Coast has California vacation rentals in Cape San Blas, Florida, as well as Mexico Beach, Port St. Joe, St. Joe Beach and Indian Pass. They also have an excellent overview of each one so you can choose what's right for you.

How To Install Kodi On Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire Stick Kodi, a totally free open-source media player application that offers users access to a massive material catalog, is slowly increasing in recognition.

As the software is simple to make use of on PCs and laptops, users also can mount Kodi in a variety of different devices. Listed here is a tutorial on the best way to obtain the application into three Television-aimed equipment namely the Amazon Fire Stick with Kodi, the Roku Television, along with the Apple TV.

How to Deploy Kodi On Amazon Fire TV Stick
Installing Kodi about the Amazon Fire TV Stick was previously much easier back when the app was available on the Amazon shop. Thankfully, you may still find a few ways to install Kodi on the Amazon Fire TV Stay.

The easiest way to have Kodi into the Amazon Fire TV Stay entails the ES Report Explorer. To acquire the software to the system, the Amazon Fire TV Stick's USB power cable needs to be plugged into a spare USB port or having a power adapter. Afterward, follow these methods:

* Enter the Creator Choices menu under System-In Options and switch on Apps from unknown resources.

* Mount ES Report Explorer, present in the favorite Fire TV apps part. Start the app then select Favorite and Incorporate. Enter the web link "" and name it as Kodi.

* Start the Kodi link, seek out Kodi Android applications, after which choose the SUPPLY type. Afterward, proceed to the three spots in the bottom right of the display and select the Open in New Visitor choice.

* The most recent edition of Kodi can now be downloaded to the Amazon Fire-TV Stay. After the download is full, select the Open-File option followed closely by the Mount option. This may complete the installation of Kodi about the Amazon Fire TV Stay.

The above-mentioned method, however, occasionally does not work for some users. An alternative strategy is to use Apps2Fire, a free software in the Google Play Retailer that transfers Android bundles from an Android smartphone to the Amazon Fire Stick for sale.

* Install Apps2Fire on an Android smartphone that also offers Kodi fitted.

* In the Developer Choices menu, additionally start the ADS Debugging solution.

* Pay attention to the IP address of the Amazon Fire TV Stick underneath the Circle choice inside the About menu, furthermore underneath the Method solution of Options.

* Start Apps2Fire and enter the IP of the Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken for sale. Start the selection of Apps2Fire, select Upload applications, and select Kodi to set up the application about the Amazon Fire-TV Stay.

amazon fire stick

How To Deploy Kodi On Roku TV
Receiving Kodi about the Roku Television, set alongside the Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken with Kodi, is much more complicated. To obtain Kodi content on the Roku-driven Television, the easiest way should be to employ Miracast, which really is a screen mirroring method.

Miracast will not technically mount Kodi to the Roku TV, though. Rather, it will reflect the screens of Windows and Android units, that may easily manage Kodi, about the Roku Television.

A word of notice, although, as Miracast is not incredibly trusted having its fallen streams and prevalent lagging despite strong wireless connections.

How to Mount Kodi On Apple TV
Adding Amazon Fire Stick hack about the fourth-generation Apple TV will require a Mac, Xcode 7.2 or later, an iOS Application Musician utility, the newest file for Apple TVis tvOS, an active Apple Designer bill, and a USBC to USBA cable.

* Plug-In the Apple TV into the Mac through the USB-C to USBA wire then launch Xcode and develop a new task. Choose application under tvOS and after that Solitary View Request.

* The task should be presented something brand, a company name plus a pack identifier, which is often something. A mistake may pop up after attempting to conserve the task, which can be expected, and go through the Resolve Issue solution.

* Users will be caused to sign in with all the Apple Developer account. Xcode will then resolve the problem and develop a provisioning account.

* Select Amazon Fire Stick fully loaded from your drop-down field found towards the top of Xcode then start the iOS App Signer and select the Signing Document. The Provisioning Account must then be selected because of the designed project. The Input Document is referring to the Kodi.deb record and the Software Display Title is exactly what the name of the application is going to be to the Apple-TV. Once all fields are filled out, select Begin To possess the iOS App Signer produce an IPA that is ready to be installed inside the Apple TV.

* In Xcode, choose the Products choice under Window, choose the related Apple-TV adding the IPA document beneath the Mounted Programs record to put in Amazon Fire Stick jailbroken.

Different Kodi Installation Guides

We have posted additional Amazon Fire Stick free channels installation courses dedicated to the Raspberry Pi, the Nvidia Guard Android TV, along with the iPad and iPhone. Make sure to check them out too in case you are enthusiastic about getting the software into these devices.